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Create from Being: Guide to Conscious Creation, by Myke WolfCreate from Being:
Guide to Conscious Creation

by Myke Wolf

156 Pages
Publisher: CreateSpace, 2010
ISBN-10: 1450594115
ISBN-13: 978-1450594110

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Even as a young schoolboy I sensed that there was more to life than the everyday physical world. The more I studied science and nature, the more I realized that the intense complexity yet perfect balance of our world, our bodies, and everything natural around us could not be a product of chance.

To me, Design implies 2 things: Designer, and Purpose. Generally when something is made, it must come from someone or somewhere, and it more than likely was produced for a reason. I am far more interested in the “why” than the “who”, because the “why” – the reason that we all exist – is individual to each of us. Connecting with your individual reason for being here now is potentially the greatest joy you can experience in this lifetime – because you are uniquely designed for it.

I strive to live each moment within the awareness that I am a soul temporarily with a body. Each day is a flow of synchronicities, connections, and events that respond to conscious choice and intention, in a process called Conscious Creation. Those who are living in today’s fast-paced world and able to see the world at more than just face value – to see the Design and Purpose – are empowered individuals who experience a greater fulfillment in life.For more about Conscious Creation, visit
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