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Nothing reminds us that we are pieces of a much larger picture more than the epochal movements of the night sky. When darkness falls and the sky comes to life with twinkling stars, bright planets, and the majestic Milky Way, we are treated to a nightly reminder that we belong to a story much, much bigger than our day-to-day lives.

Some people are born with a fascination with the night sky, and Iím one of them. Seeing faraway planets spring to life in the eyepiece of a telescope is a feeling like no other. Watching moons endlessly circling their planets; colorful clouds swirling and merging; polar caps growing and shrinking; and planets spinning like miniature globes against the infinite blackness of space beats TV any day. The thrill of watching a dot in the sky become a colorful, floating globe in the eyepiece of a telescope never grows old. Itís always fun to show someone a celestial view through the eyepiece for the very first time and enjoy their reaction.

My love of astronomy has driven me to discover over 60 asteroids, in addition to experimenting with all kinds of astrophotography. Iíve placed some of my favorite pictures here, I hope you enjoy them.

For more pictures, visit my Astronomy Website.

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